Generous Donation

We have received the most wonderful donation from Maree and Malcolm Warr. They are both artists and decided that they wanted to donate all their art supplies and equipment to the local community. They are moving permanently to New Zealand and selling their home and  giving away their equipment. This included a beautiful press, a kiln, shelving and so much more!

The shelving came at the perfect time as our old shelving was in dire need of replacing.

As you can see by the photos, our members could not be happier.

We still have to collect the kiln but this will take a few days to organise its removal and reinstallation but  it is a privilege and a pleasure to do.

Many thanks to their son, Myron Warr, for contacting us and making our day! 
Needless to say our Printmakers and Ceramicists were willing to give up their public holiday to collect and install the first truck load of  the donation.