Haiku Zine

Haiku Reeds are all NSACA members and meet every 4th Thursday at Wallace House to study Haiku. They bring along their own poems for discussion as well as those by famous Haiku poets. This is the Reeds’ fourth year and they are still learning the intricacies of this narrative art.

Haiku is traditionally a Japanese poem made of short, unrhymed lines that evoke natural imagery. Many poems are inspired by moments in nature or life in general.

This is their second collection of poems for this year. Their first collection sold out during our Eco Art Exhibition in August this year.

Again the poems were selected by each member for this zine and all the art works and cover have been created by Haiku Reeds members.

The zines are on sale in Wattle Studio Shop now and during the Christmas Market which open this Saturday – November 26 and runs until November 30 at 3pm.

Celia, Greg, Jan, Robert, Jo, Ian, Laurie and Kay.