The various Noosa Arts and Crafts activity groups meet weekly or fortnightly at Wallace House on weekdays. We have four rooms and a studio gallery which are usually buzzing with conversation and learning. Once you become a member you can attend as many groups as you wish and benefit from reduced workshop fees. The annual fee for a new member is $85 and renewal is $80 thereafter. We also have a visitor membership for a period of three months at a fee of $50.

Our knitting and spinning group meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday morning of the month from 9am to noon in our heritage Boronia room on the upper floor. There is plenty of light and space and the knitting and spinning group members have a wide range of skills and knowledge which they are always happy to share. 

We often receive wool donations and the group will spring into action and knit items for charities – everything from premature baby blankets to trauma teddies.

There is also plenty of chatter over morning tea  – sharing patterns, wool discoveries and new projects!

The group leader – Wendy Goldsmith – – who will be happy to give you any more information. So if you would like to join this group – you would be most welcome.