Many of us will be in the same position that our 2020 plans have been severely disrupted and instead of looking forward to a cruise, overseas trip, theatre visits, parties and other social gatherings, we are now faced with a blank calendar, continual hand-washing and social distancing.

You will have seen in the news that many companies are using this time to innovate and create new avenues to keep their business afloat. Fine dining restaurants offering takeaways, manufacturers diversifying to meet the needs of consumers when imported goods are no longer available. This is when creativity is an essential element in life.

This is time that we should all definitely embrace too! When was the last time you had time to sort out your wardrobe, garage or kitchen cupboards? 

Perhaps, you have a number of unfinished or never-started projects sitting waiting for you to find the time. You may have a keyboard, ukulele or other musical instrument which has been on your list of wishes but never had enough spare hours to devote to it.

That large folder of photos and videos on your computer that desperately needs some deletions and to be turned into a memorable record of a trip or occasion in your life. 

Instead of turning on the TV or dwelling on all the things you are unable to do, now you have an opportunity to make a list of postponed activities and start ticking them off.

It’s time you can use to get fit, experiment with new recipes and indulge in some time for yourself like starting on the stack of books you have threatened to read. There’s always that garden bed that’s needed attention for longer than you care to remember – gets you outside, moving and gives you immense satisfaction when you sit back to admire the result.

Learn to dance in your lounge room – there are so many videos on YouTube and other streaming services demonstrating salsa, rumba and other fun dances. Great exercise and another talent to show off on your next cruise or at a party.

It’s easy to feel depressed and unmotivated but if you make the most of this hiatus in your busy lifestyle to enjoy some new-found creativity,  you will look back on 2020 as the year you discovered just what you are capable of.

When this is all over, the vaccine is produced and life gets back to normal, you will rejoin our fortunate Australian sociable life with a renewed sense of enthusiasm, healthier and more resilient to cope with the future. 


Featured photo is by Joy Adams – Unsplash.