Members’ Morning Tea

On Friday 8 July NSACA Management Committee held a special morning tea for those members with more than 10 years continuous service. It was great to have nine of the founder members from 1993 attending. 

FRONT L – R – Rosemary George, Helga Hill, Del McLaren, Judy Chipperfield and Joan McFarlane.

BACK L – R – Gabriele Naulty,  Judith Murray, Clr. Frank Wilkie, Jenny Blyth and Ann Hanicek.

Jenny Blyth, member #2, took attendees down memory lane with the history of both NSACA and Wallace House.  Our Guest Speaker, Deputy Mayor Clr. Frank
Wilkie, built on that history with an hilarious speech – see below. 

A pictorial video ( thank you to Zana and Erica) as well as a static exhibition of memorabilia items (thanks to Jenny Blyth) were also displayed. 

Attendees were presented with their new colour lanyards reflecting either their 10 years plus (blue) or 20yrs plus (gold) membership. It is through the ongoing involvement of these members that has ensured that arts and crafts have continued to be accessible, alive and well in Noosa over these past three decades.

Many thanks to the organisers and attendees for making this a memorable occasion for the Association.