New Haiku Zine

Haiku has become very popular in Noosa Arts & Crafts. We began 5 years ago as a group of 8 people, meeting just one a month to learn about the art of writing Haiku and discussing the poems of the famous poets like Basho.

In 2021, the group decided to put out a zine of their work as a fund-raiser for NSACA during the Christmas Market. We sold out of the first run and printed more.

Following the success of the first one, the group put together a second one which also sold out. From those two zines, we received lots of enquiries about joining the group. So many that another group of Haiku enthusiasts was formed. We now have two active groups which meet on the 2nd Thursday afternoon (Haiku Rites) and the 4th Thursday afternoon (Haiku Reeds) of each month.

This year, we have joined together to produce this latest Zine and again all proceeds go to NSACA. If you would like to buy a copy, they will be available from November 17 – 19 during our popular Christmas Market which opens at 9am on November 17. Alternatively if you are unable to visit the market, you buy a copy online and download it as a .pdf or pay an additional fee and we will post you a copy.