A - Z OF Quilting Excellence - Page Four

Maree Risby-Jones

BEAUTY IN DIVERSITY – Our experiences in the time of COVID-19 this year has brought home to me the significance of ‘We’re all in this together’!  I love how the colours move and change and blend into new patterns, complementing each other.  There really is great beauty in diversity! Completed in 2020 and quilted by Fiona Bell.

PETE’S BIRDS – This quilt was made to celebrate the importance of nature in our lives. My husband loved to watch the arrival of the squawking flocks of birds each afternoon who tussled and fought over their places in the trees and on the power line.  We affectionately named them our ‘basket of deplorables’!  Their antics were an endless source of entertainment for us. We have since moved house but this quilt brings Pete’s birds with us. Completed in 2020 and quilted by Fiona Bell. 

LOVE BIRDS – This quilt is a Kath Doughty design and made almost entirely of Kaffe Kasset fabric.  A workshop with Margaret Sampson George gave me the techniques and confidence to tackle all the needle turn required in this project! Begun in 2016 but completed in 2020 and quilted by Fiona Bell.

LOLLYPOP TREES – I began making this quilt about ten years ago but found that the time required to continue was a huge over-commitment with everything else that was happening. Fortunately, the project resurfaced and with time to spare this year I started work!! I just love this quilt — it is probably one of my favourites. The Quilting Fairy, Fiona Bell, did a wonderful job with her custom quilting.

Suwanna Russell

BEAR HUG  – I made this quilt for my grandson Marcus to use when he comes to visit me. I thought boys would like this pattern.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAIA – This quilt was made for my grand-daughter as a birthday present. Maia just loves love hearts.


Sue Scougall

IRORI – ‘Irori ‘ is a sunken hearth (or fire place) in the centre of a Japanese tatami mat room … the centre of each block being the hearth and the outer ones being the tatami mats. This is my favourite quilt to cozy up to in winter.

DISAPPEARING NINE PATCH – This quilt lives with my sister in Hervey Bay.

FUJI SAN – This quilt was inspired by the centre Mt Fuji panel.  It lives in Melbourne with my son.


Mary Stasiak

MEMORIES OF JAPAN – I travelled to Japan to the Japan International Quilt Festival with a group of WHQ ladies 2019.  I bought a few bags of scrap Japanese materials & the inspiration for the design came from a picture I saw, am very happy with the result.

MY PRETTY QUILT – This is my pretty quilt.  It is made from a Moda jelly roll I’ve had for a few years and during lockdown it was just what I needed.  I felt I needed to break up the pieces so that is where my feature flower came into it. It is machine-pieced and hand-quilted.  I love the result.

Adele Tucker

Alice Springs

ALICE SPRINGS – My husband, Ian, and I travelled to Alice Springs to compete in the Alice Springs Masters Games in 2018.  After competition we had a look around the shops in Alice Springs as I had been told of the lovely fabric stores there.  

On entering one particular shop I said to Ian that I was just looking and wasn’t going to buy any fabrics.  Well of course that didn’t happen.  I could not resist the beautiful colours and fabrics and just had to make my first Aboriginal quilt.

Sabrina YuillE

 COVID 2020 -It’s made using 378 full size hexagons plus 20 half hexagons. So almost 400 pieces in all. I have also included a close up of the video NT age Japanese design which looks like the Covid symbol. Hence the name. I have been a member of Wallace House since late 2007, having never quilted before.