A - Z OF Quilting Excellence - Page One

Sue Allen

LOST IN TOKYO – I’d been collecting Japanese fabrics for several years. Some I bought in Tokyo (and I really did get lost). Each square is hand quilted around the edge and around the central circle. I made a prairie point border to feature more fabrics. I love the soft ege that contrasts with the formal squares.

BLUE PLATES – Using the Dresden Plate as a base, I designed and hand quilted this piece. Each plate has 16 different blue fabrics. I drew up a swag with bows to be the second border. Then there’s a plain dark blue border. It still didn’t look finished so I designed a garland of flowers top and bottom to finish it off. It only needed a narrow binding. I hand quilted it quite heavily. It’s one of my all-time favourites. 

 SCALLOPS – I’d always wanted to make a quilt like this. Drawing up the lines on the foundation fabric was enough to send me cross eyed. Nevertheless, preparation is the key and it ended up straight and true. Each scallop is pieced on paper first then appliquéd in rows, overlapping the previous row. I alternated medium toned fabric rows with light toned fabric rows. The border fabric is about 6 inches wide and saves doing hundreds more scallops! It’s time consuming but rewarding and it’s old fashioned look appeals to me. 

GELATI JAZZ – Another of the “Running Away From Home” quilts for my grand-daughters. It starts with 4 bright rectangles. Some setting strips are added to the top, some to the sides. When the blocks are alternated, they make an offset pattern which adds interest and is a bit of a puzzle working out how it’s done. I was using up all my odd and strange bright coloured small pieces. Everything works in a scrappy quilt like this. It’s simple and bright.

RAGS TO RICHES – I like to use every last scrap of material. I had a collection of strips and bits so pieced these in 5 inch lengths, whatever  widths my strips were, in random order. Then I alternated plain strips with a fine spot as a contrast. When finished, I thought the quilt needed to be wider so I added a section of varying sized square within a square blocks down one side. I really liked how it complemented the simple design with an extra splash of vibrant colour.

Gwenda Apel

I made this piece because I love Kaffe Fassett material, and wanted to make something using his fabric. It is all hand sewn – 27 padded hexagons that make up my bed throw. I love the colouring. It would give joy to any bedroom.

Bev Attrill

‘TIS THE SEASON – While on a caravan trip across Australia, I came across a very special studio, full of beautiful patterns and kits to make. 

I fell in love with the Christmas quilt. It took me 18 months to complete and has a special place in our home at Christmas time.

Irene Baker-Finch

FLORAL DIAMONDS – This is a quilt made for my daughters to use at their seaside escape home.

I made use of my solid florals, mostly rose patterns, and not a skerrick of white to be seen. I used large quilting stitches to accentuate the diamonds.

Bev Bennett

FOUR INCH SPLENDOUR – During late 90’s, four lessons created this extraordinary and exacting quilt.  A testing exercise in curdling, not only colourful fabrics, but their printed patterns as well. It taught me to measure twice, cut once! I love this quilt.

TED’S WOOLLY WAGGA – When I inherited Yorkshire Mills swatch books, Jill and Ted selected armfuls of their favourite colour swatches, took to separate rooms in the Bennetthaus, where they laid out their woollen Wagga weaves.  Jill and Helen Mutch became “funky finishers” as we quilted Ted’s wagga on the Bennetthaus verandah during some sunny winter Saturday afternoons.  My collection of family tapestry wools created magnificent tufting effects for herby grassy bits, totem wool formed the Labyrinth stitches and bonhomie modelled the spaces.  The coveted Qantas rug backing wears a special pocket to contain his Rugby paraphernalia!

This family heirloom won Best in Show at the Gympie Quilt and Craft Show 2015

Micky Coghill

BIG PATCH QUILT – This is my very favourite quilt in my house.  It is permanently on a double bed.  I love all the soft check and stripe fabrics mixed with a few special hand dyed Gee’s Bend fabrics.  It took me ages to place the fabrics and I didn’t want to cut into them. I added a little floral just for fun.  

This quilt makes me happy. I just love the colours. 

Heather De Grandi

BLACK & WHITE RAG – A design from a magazine, many years ago.

YELLOW POT-POURRI – A Kaffee Fassett design for a single bed.

OUT FROM INDIA – IN MEMORY OF PAM – QUILT – The Bag, a Margaret Samson George workshop project, is hand appliqued and machine-constructed. The quilt is constructed from silk blocks made by friend, Pam, and finished by myself.

SEA GLASS – A modern quilt using colours of the sea and based on the log cabin block. It is all machine pieced and quilted and is from a book, Quilting Modern, by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen.

FACET – A Kaffe Fassett design using strips of fabric to make diamonds. It is all machine pieced and quilted. It is a wall hanging for our house.