A - Z OF Quilting Excellence - Page Two

Wendy Goldsmith

Ginger Bliss

GINGER BLISS – This is my take on an Amy Butler Quilt design, Ginger Bliss, using some of my favourite Amy butler fabrics.

It is the perfect size to hang above my sewing machine. 

Patsy Haigh

RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE – This is the quilt I started during the Margaret Sampson George workshop at Wallace House in 2019.  I loved the fabric but didn’t know how to cut it to make the quilt.  Margaret showed me how to begin and this is the result. 

Lynda Harrison

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE – This was a Block of the Month programme designed by Sarah Fielke, with a couple of touches of my own. It is machine pieced, hand appliquéd and machine quilted by Fiona Bell.

PENGUIN PARTY – Designed by Elizabeth Hartman, this quilt is made for my penguin-obsessed favourite youngest grandson. Machine pieced, hand quilted.

ANTIQUE SAMPLER – Begun in a Margaret Sampson George workshop, this quilt is hand appliquéd, and hand quilted.

Di Kross

I LOVE HEXIES – I made this quilt in 1997. It is completely hand sewn and quilted and is one of my favourites.

I LOVE BUTTERFLIES – I made this quilt in 1988.  It is a friendship quilt. Fifteen of us made a square each for the others. Each girl put her name on their own square, gifted to another. It is machine pieced and hand quilted.


Sandy Mackie

INSPIRATION – This handmade  quilt is a combination of inspirational ideas from my 2 favourite Quilt designers, Kathy Doughty and Margaret Sampson George. 100% cotton with 100% cotton batting. Machine pieced hand appliqué with hand quilting in 100%  Perle thread.

MODERN DRESDEN PLATE DESIGN – 1005 cotton fabric and 100% cotton batting. Machine pieced, hand-appliqué is an original design. Custom all over machine quilting by Barbara of B Creative Patchwork & Sewing, Currimundi.


Maz Mantel

RO’S MEDALLION – The pattern was a gift from my sister, Chrissi.  When I was half way through making the quilt, I called her to ask for advice.  She said “I would never give you a pattern like that”. She did!  I decided to change the centre piece and my friend Rosemary George skilfully drew up a new one.  I accidentally gave her the wrong measurements, which made it even more of a challenge for her. The backing fabric all came from Rosemary’s stash because all the fabric stores were closed due to the Coronavirus.  The grey fabric is an old sheet of mine. This quilt would not be here without Rosemary, thank you my friend.

THE MONDRIAN QUILT – This quilt was chose by my partner, Mark, as he did not have a quilt to call his own and this is the pattern he chose.  It matches a chair he built at the Men’s Shed which he called the Red Blue Chair, designed by Dutch designer, Gerit Rietveld in 1918. I machine quilted it.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH – This quilt was inspired by the block of the month sent out by Dee Mooney for the Aussie Hero Quilts (made for Australian service men and women) just as the Coronavirus was unfolding. These were not the colours recommended, I just liked the block. It just grew and with the shortage of fabric the backing is an old damask tablecloth.


Sarah McConkey

DRIVING ME DOTTY – I have been making charity quilts lately and using my scraps of materials. This one was a challenge – my first ‘quilt as you go’ with every stitch done by hand. Yes, I was dotty by the time it was finished but felt it was all well worth the time it took to finish.

OUT IN THE SUN – This is another charity quilt made from my stash and materials from friends. I had plenty of choice to create a colourful and cheerful quilt.  Combining these materials with a very simple patchwork design proved to be very effective and the circles for the border were added as a contrast to the rectangular blocks.

THERE’S A NINE PATCH THERE – This is a small cosy quilt made with a polar fleece backing. It is a great knee rug for cold winter evenings.