Floral Splendour

Helen Lawson

Helen has always drawn and painted, even in childhood.

This love of drawing and painting has led Helen to explore many mediums and genres. This journey continues through her participation in many workshops and classes and the desire to find new avenues to create. Still Life, Portraiture and large Contemporary paintings in different mediums,  have been the focus in recent years.

Artworks have been exhibited in competitive exhibitions in most states since 1997, and work has been published in Australian Artist with 5 finalist awards, and also in Artist’s Palette, with painting demonstrations. Helen has won many awards, both in traditional and abstract genres, and in differing mediums. Since moving to Noosa, local awards include those given by Gympie Goldrush, Maleny Art Awards, Kenilworth Festival of Arts and Noosa’s Taste of Art.

Poppies & Pansies

Daisies & Pansies

Magnolia & Wisteria


Majestic Roses

Golden Girls
White Roses & Delphiniums

Daisies and Apples

Blue Vase
Apples & Daisies

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