Every Friday morning our Pastel group meets to share and experiment together. Many learned their techniques under the tutelage of well-known local artist – Carolyn Sheather. However, this year with the COVID-19 restrictions and the closing of Wallace House for renovations for four months, they have regrouped to explore their creativity together.

As you can see, they are a talented and pastel perfect group!

Dawn Couchman

Southwest Tasmania
Fringed Day Lily
Blue Wren

Patricia Freeman

The Bull
Carnaby's Cockatoo
Bright in Autumn
Starry Night

Sylvia Grevett

Night Light
My Secretary
Moonlight Poppies

Maryanne Long

Ocean Turtle
Noosa Gull
Little Cove Sunset

Leo Nocente

Gums on the Plain
Delightful Parrot

Moira Smith

Apples & Flowers
Dragon Fly

Patricia Wakeford

African Lion
Cathy Freeman
Brad Pitt

Gail Williams

The Woods, Noosa
Summer Breeze
Take me with you