I have been painting for a long time in watercolours, oils, pastels and finally acrylics.  I might rightly be described as a hobby painter, but that term might imply that I do not take my art seriously. 

It would not really cover the amazing amount of time and energy that I have expended on trying to understand how paints and brushes can produce images that have emotional impact on others. It would also not convey the way that painting can transport you to another dimension of experience – where time disappears and concentration makes you oblivious to all else except what you are doing and the music you have chosen to accompany you on your journey of discovery. 

For this is what painting is – a journey where you hope you will eventually arrive at a place where you can create some sort of magic. Hopefully without too much struggle!  However, there is always struggle, frustration and disappointment. 

I guess this is the challenge that keeps artists coming back for more. And so I continue with landscapes and seascapes as my first love, but increasingly turning more to abstracts. 

Rose Barry

Art is a journey of discovery, but I am finding that it is also a never-ending journey.

Coral Reef Series

Jellyfish Parade
Turtle Paradise
Deep Down

Noosa Hinterland

Glasshouse Mountains
Mount Coroora
Hills near Maleny

Scenic Rivers

Mary River Valley
Reflections - Noosa Everglades

Fish & Flowers

Froth & Bubbles