The Creative Artists Group has gone through many iterations since it began as The Painted Ladies back in 2003 following a workshop by Sue Coburn. Many members of the group have come and gone but the core members of the group have been invincible, meeting every Thursday afternoon in Wattle Gallery. 

Recently, the group lost one of their star members. Tricia Bradford, which came as a shock to them all – she was a much-loved artist.

Now COVID-19 restrictions are lifting slowly, the artists have emerged from their isolation and meeting up again. Two of their members – Dossie Buckley and Roger Hunt – are not well enough to attend at the moment but remain in touch with the group. We wish them a speedy recovery.

As their regular meeting place has been under renovation, they decided to collaborate and show their work in a new online Exhibition. Each artist has a short bio and two examples of their work. 


Linda Evans

Linda Evans

Linda A Evans has been a member of NACA since 2008. Linda is a versatile artist and paints in any and every medium even using her iPad. She was born in Indonesia and has a peripatetic lifestyle as she accompanies her husband around the world. During this pandemic lock-down, she has been in Singapore but has kept us up to date with all her latest paintings. We look forward to having her back in Australia soon.

The Afghan Lady - Watercolour
The Garden - Acrylic

Gabi DIck

Full Bloom - Acrylic
Friends - Acrylic

On Gabi’s retirement to Noosa, a colourful journey commenced with the discovery of watercolour with artist in residence Holly Simpson. The plethora of artistic endeavours at NACA have kept her challenged for the past 23 years, with the exploration of printing, bookbinding, pottery and all forms of painting .

Gabi says – “Thanks go to the talented artists at the House and for their friendship!”

Gabi Dick

Jo Gabe

Jo Gabe

Jo came to Queensland in 1998 and started on her artistic journey. She joined the Noosa Art Academy in 2003, painting in Oils, Acrylics, Pastels and Watercolour.  She gained a Fine Arts Diploma in 2014. 

Her art is a mix of contemporary and realism and has been exhibited here and overseas. Many of her artworks adorn walls in London, Russia and Denmark as well as here at home.

What lies within -Acrylic
Morning has broken - Oil

Shirley Beekhuis

Pecking order - watercolour
In the field - Oil

Shirley grew up on a farm in South Africa and has always been involved with animals.  She loves painting them, both domestic and wild life, and enjoys both oils and water colours as well as pastels.

 Shirley has taken part in many workshops at Wallace House and has learned from them as well as from past tutors such as Holly Simpson and Lynn Fraser Roberts.  

Shirley Beekhuis

Jill Harris

Jill Harris
Jill was born in New Zealand and came to Noosa in 2008. She has learnt her artistic skills by attending art workshops in both countries. 

 “Interpreting thoughts and ideas onto the canvas or board.  The excitement and the struggle!” 
Jill has painted with oil for many years, but in the past year, she has been enjoying working with mixed media – oil, cold wax and oil crayon.
In the deep
In the deep - oil
Under the bridge - oil & cold wax

Annelise Howes

Night-raider - NFS
Double-eyed fig parrots - NFS

Annelise Howes is an award winning wildlife artist working in oil, acrylic and pastel, who has branched out to include botanical works in watercolour, continuing to include Australian wildlife with flora.

Annelise Howes

Victoria Bradbury

Victoria Bradbury
“Serious play” is how Victoria would describe her art practice. She has no preferred medium and is mostly, though not always, inspired by nature. She responds to the world around her through the creative process. 

An awareness of the precarious balance and fragility of life on this beautiful planet is of constant concern to her.


Starry night through scribbly gum - acrylic
Woven Dracena with found natural objects

Margie Gibson

Tidal Flow - acrylic and crayon
Sunrise at Barn Bluff
Sunrise at Barn Buff - acrylic
After moving to Queensland from NSW, Margie gained her Fine Arts degree with honours in Sculpture. She taught for close to three decades as a secondary teacher.
In recent years Margie has worked in multi mediums including acrylic, mixed media, wood, and clay.  Her works reflect a love of natural forms, line and colour. She uses her imagination, abstraction and stylization to respond to a variety of subject matter. 
Margie Gibson

Dave Gilbert

Dave Gilbert

Dave paints in watercolour, acrylics and oils. He incorporates skills from his days as a pastrycook, using palette knives and piping bags to add texture and structure to his paintings.

Dave also works with clay and his award-winning clown sculptures brighten up many homes here, interstate and overseas.

Balloons anyone? - ceramic
Lazy summer day - acrylic

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