Wonderful Wildlife

Annelise Howes

“Our flora and fauna are disappearing at an alarming rate. I hope to reach people through my paintings and show them some of the wonderful wildlife that we share.”

Annelise has travelled widely in Australia, crossing deserts and exploring  remote areas like Arnhem Land, Cape York and The Kimberley in search of inspiration and resources for her colourful wildlife paintings.  

She has won many awards, the most recent being “Best Bird Painting” in the QWASI Awards (Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Inc.) in 2020.

She works in acrylic, oil and pastel and has recently included Botanical Art in watercolour and  has enjoyed a successful sideline doing pet portraits.

Annelise is a keen conservationist and birdwatcher and belongs to a number of environmental organisations.



Wood Ducklings
Lifelong Bond
Beetle Patrol
Egret Moon
Kangaroo Paw Visitors
Desert Nomads
Lotus landing
Red Panda Play

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