Jill O’Brien

Jill has been quilting for many years – first in Inverell and then here in Noosa. Jill joined Noosa Arts & Crafts in 2003 and has been a regular attendee at the Quilting group meetings every Tuesday morning in Boronia room.

These quilts, waistcoats and bag were all created in the 1990s and have stood the test of time.

Many of these items were made during workshops that Jill attended in Inverell. The child’s quilt was a joint quilt – a few members made one row each and the rows were then sewn together to make this innovative quilt featuring teddies, lambs, leaves , hearts, flowers and even pumpkins.

The large bag Jill still uses to bring her quilting notions and work to the meetings.

The waistcoats are “too good to wear!” which why they are in such good condition – loved from afar. The elephant design even has an elephant fabric lining.

So NACA members, when you are next in the House pop into Boronia room and have a look at Jill’s handiwork – all testament to Jill’s creative talent and skills. For those of you who are not members – there are photos for you to enjoy.

We hope to be able to welcome back into our Centre for Creativity as soon as restrictions are lifted. Until then, please visit our website – we have a superb online shop and also some stunning online exhibitions.