Rowley Drydale, Sarah Therese, Beryl and Trevor Purvis have a superb Pop-UP Art exhibition in the old CBA building in Maple Street, Cooroy. The space is perfect for their work Рeven using the old vault for a thought-provoking display with music! 

Local artists are all feeling the loss at present with the earlier closure of galleries and art spaces. When disposable income declines so does the interest in purchasing art and craft. However, now as we slowly and cautiously emerge from our isolation, we all hope that our lives will return to a different normal with a focus on local travel and Australian-produced goods.

Beryl and Trevor are well-travelled artists and their work reflects the different places and cultures they have encountered. Trevor is an award-winning artist and is also a generous and inspirational tutor to upcoming artists. Trevor has given his time to our Art After Dark evenings and his participants have gone home with their own Purvis-inspired artwork.

Sarah Therese is a former President of Noosa Open Studios and former member of Noosa Arts & Crafts. She has settled into her creative life in Noosa Shire in recent years and become a well-respected artist in her own right as well as being a strong advocate for local art in general.

Rowley Drysdale is well known for his outstanding ceramic skills as this exhibition shows. Rowley is not only skilled in his techniques with clay but is also a lecturer and tertiary educator in visual arts.

These four artists have put together an extraordinarily diverse Pop-Up Art exhibition of ceramics, jewellery and paintings which will remain open for a few weeks so there is plenty of time to make a special visit to their art space.

If you would like to contact any of the artists for more information, please use the emails addresses below:-