To Noosa Council for their contribution to the upgrade of our heritage home. Over the last six months, they have re-stumped and repainted the House, renovated the verandah, and rewired the electricity in the ceramics area.  We also have beautiful new sign at the front of the house to greet our members and visitors to this wonderful Centre for Creativity.

To help with creating a workable temperature year-round, a 2020 Noosa Council grant allowed for the insulation of polyester batts and air extraction in the roof space. To complete the maintenance of the roof, the Noosa Council has installed much-needed replacement iron panels on the roof and some 5000 screws. The roof is now compliant and ready for the solar panels.

A Gambling Grant, that our honorary member, Kay Bodman, applied for and received for us, was a welcome amount as we can now go ahead with our plans to install not only solar panels on our roof but also the long-awaited and much-needed air conditioning in our rooms.

This has been a major project, four years in the making, and was dependant upon so many issues in addition to the  preparatory maintenance on the entire structure of Wallace House.  Hopefully, within the next few weeks, this major project for the year-round comfort of members and visitors will be completed.