August 1st saw the hanging of the Noosa Open Studios (NOS) artists’ work in Wallace House, the heritage home of Noosa Arts and Crafts. It was a hectic day with the artists arriving during the whole day bearing their precious artworks. 

Wattle Gallery is looking amazing after the hard work put in by David Gilbert, Victoria Bradbury, Gabi Dick and Trish Bradford yesterday who did the majority of the hanging and display.

Each NOS artist has an artwork on display and there are brochures available. Two of the artworks have already been purchased by visitors to the House attending workshops. 

NOS has become an important art event over the last four years. Tricia Bradford started this venture with just a postcard and 10 artists with an open studio the first year. This then expanded into what it is today with over 75 participating artists, thanks to Christine Pritchard, Sarah Therese and present President Chris Bell.

For the last three years, Wallace House has been the hub and a great place to visit to plan your journey. There are six trails to choose from and many of the studios are open for both weekends of the event. Plenty of time to see all the artists whose work interests you.

It is an exciting event for the local artists as it attracts visitors from interstate as well as Queenslanders. We look forward to welcoming you to Wallace House where you can  explore the creative styles of all the participants.