As you can see by the photographs, our much-loved Centre for Creativity is still very much closed for any creativity. Our Heritage Queenslander is having her old pins revitalised and a new coat of paint. 

While the doors are closed, Noosa Arts & Crafts members have been experimenting and learning new skills from home – some on iPads, others with new mediums and many have been doing some knitting and sewing for charity. Our members are never idle and also never short of enthusiasm for exercising their craft.

Following the success of our inaugural Online Exhibition – Artists at Home –  we have more in the planning. The Haiku and Botanical art groups have already been showing for a few weeks. The fourth Exhibition to go live was from our Invincible Creative Artists Group last week who usually meeting every Thursday afternoon to enjoy the company of the group and share ideas and skills. 

The fifth Exhibition which went live this week was one from our Knitting group – some of whom have been sewing and knitting up a storm from donated yarns and fabrics. The photos show their efforts for United Synergies which were gratefully received. 

The Wearable Yarn Art Exhibition shows their specialised knitting skills with homespun wool and blends – a wide range of items from dolls to intricate shawls.

We have a dedicated Online Exhibition area so we encourage all those of you who are interested in all forms of arts and crafts to take a regular visit to our virtual displays.