The creative arts can be a pathway to better health. It’s been known to help many people overcome all manner of adversity by giving them an external focus. Internal dialogue can keep people awake – going over and over problems without a resolution.

Creative Arts therapists have known for a long time that the use of dance/movement/drama/poetry/music/painting/writing can improve the lives of those living with disability or illness.

One of the most effective stress-relievers is keeping a journal.  Writing your thoughts and worries on paper/on screen can assist an individual to put their anxieties into perspective. Some people sleep with a notepad and pen beside their bed in case a brilliant idea is spawned in the night – prevents wakefulness by fretting it may be forgotten by morning.

Making lists and prioritising them is a well-known method of reducing anxiety. A list of chores can be ticked as soon as they are completed.

It has even been suggested that journaling has physical as well as mental health benefits that range from boosting the immune system to reducing blood pressure, therefore not only improving a person’s health but also their sense of well-being.

It can take a while to get into the habit of writing  a journal but those who write regularly swear by its ability to reduce that mind-racing tension that builds up in every day life.