Einstein once said – Creativity is Intelligence having fun!

Creativity and idea generation are important for everyone – exercise for the brain. All artists need that stimulation of literature, music, or nature, outdoor activity, or just time out to stare into space. I am sure we have all experienced the high from a day spent successfully creating a story/ a painting/a drawing/a sculpture/a new recipe/or even a garden bed. The creative process stimulates the frontal cortex of the brain encouraging ideas and endorphins to flow – both vital for positive thoughts and attitudes.

This premise has been a topic of major research studies for many years and most health professionals extoll the virtues of creativity for good mental and physical health. Proponents insist that there is evidence of lowering blood pressure and improving the immune system. I do believe that time spent in creative pursuits has a positive effect on one’s mood and feeling of optimism. Serendipity and daydreams have played an important part in all manner of scientific discoveries too by allowing the mind to wander beyond normal theories.

It’s not only the creators of artworks who benefit – Exhibition visitors are also nourished by the differing styles, topics and colours – art pieces perhaps evoking an emotional response to a long forgotten event or dreams of people and places still to visit. Active appreciation of art is time well spent. All communities benefit from having a strong creative culture where art is celebrated – Noosa is no exception.

Art opens one’s mind to possibilities and the freedom to experiment with techniques. This is no longer limited to the usual media – there is a whole world of mixed media to employ – sculptures from scrap metal, wall art with bottle tops and even word art. The installations during the Noosa Alive festival were made from plastic milk bottles. No rules – just freedom of thought.

Well, we are so fortunate to live in Noosa Shire and its surrounds – and looking around, this area is obviously brimming with happy, healthy artists whose frontal cortexes are overflowing with ideas and whose well-being is in magnificent shape! And if Einstein is correct having fun!