MEMBERSHIP FORM – Two pages – please read.

We welcome new members at any time. Membership is open to adults – 18 years and over. Annual membership expires on June 30 each year.

We encourage you to visit your chosen activity group/groups for two sessions before joining as a member NSACA. This will ensure the group and activity are right for you.

Members with a disability, who need a carer to assist either medically or physically during an activity group meeting or a workshop, are welcome as long as their carer is able to stay with them at all times.

No Pets Allowed:

Except for service animals or approved support animals for persons with disabilities, no pets are allowed (even temporarily) anywhere in or about the Premises without prior written authorisation from NSACA. If an animal has been in the premises at any time, the member/owner shall be charged for all costs pertaining to damage to the premises – de-fleaing, de-odorising and/or carpet cleaning.  If a member is found to be in possession of any prohibited animal, the member will be required to remove the animal from the premises.

Service or approved support animals are:

      1. Assistance dogs which are trained to perform functions for a person with a disability which includes physical as well as mental disability.
      2. Guide dogs which are trained to see for their owners
      3. Hearing dogs which are trained to hear for their owners.

These animals are all trained for a minimum of two years to provide a valuable service to their owners. Companion and emotional support dogs are not trained as service or approved support animals and therefore are not permitted inside the premises.

Members of Noosa Arts and Crafts Association at Wallace House are entitled to join all the activity groups of their choice. They also receive:

  1. Discounts on workshop and course fees
  2. Monthly newsletter.
  3. Sale of their work through the House and exhibitions.
  4. Invitations to attend group activities and special events.
  5. Voting rights.

New Members

Annual fee for membership is $120 for the membership year.

Members renewing

Annual renewal fee is $100 if paid on or before July 31 each year -
a late fee of $20 is added for payments after July 31.

Visitor Members

A single payment of $60 entitles membership for 6 months.

Cash or credit card

By calling into the office during office hours - 9am - 1pm weekdays.

Direct Deposit

Set up a direct deposit into our NSACA account.
BSB: 064 449
A/C: 00140546